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Bring your students to The Sustainable City and participate in one of the many SEEd Program options. Come for a couple of hours, or combine two or more experiences for a whole morning of educational fun. Discounts apply for larger groups.

Guided Tour

The SEEd tour takes the students on an interactive guided tour through The Sustainable City. The students will discover that the city has been developed around the 3 pillars of sustainability - environmental, social and economic which are reinforced throughout the tour. Students will find examples of these 3 pillars throughout the tour. Opportunities for asking questions and sharing ideas are encouraged. Highlights include: bio-domes, animal sanctuary, solar energy, urban farming, waste management, recycled art installations, water conservation measures, sustainable urban design and mobility.

Sunday - Thursday 8am-6pm1.5hr start to finish35dhs/student All ages

Bio-dome and Urban Farm Experience

Visit our bio-dome and urban farm to experience hands on learning with a 'seed to plate' theme. Following an orientation, students will have the opportunity to explore and engage in the space following their interest. Students will find out about different gardening methods such as: hydroponics, aquaponics, square-foot gardening, vertical gardens and outdoor garden raised garden beds. They will also have the opportunity to participate in urban farming activities as well as trying our home-grown produce. 

Sunday - Thursday 8am-6pm2hr start to finish60dhs/studentAll ages


Our workshops are created to offer students hands-on learning related to the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ for the UAE, and tie into a range of sustainable and environmental topics. Workshops start with a presentation followed by a related hands-on activity. Workshops are differentiated to suit the age of the participants.

Workshop topics offered in 2018-2019:
1. Sustainable Living
2. Urban Farming 
3. Waste Management  
4. Mindfulness

Sunday - Thursday 8am-6pm2hr start to finish60dhs/studentAll ages

Teacher Training

To kick off the 2018-2019 school year we are delighted to offer certified professional development courses and workshops to teachers, related to sustainability and environmental education. Our options include:

Basic to advanced online courses

Interactive workshops for teachers here at the Sustainable City

Whole school professional development sessions at schools

Announcements related to these courses will be made via our Facebook page. Please consider following us to keep informed. For further enquiries please contact us via email:


The Sustainable City                    
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