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Sustainability & Environmental Education
for Visiting Schools

The Sustainable City is a modern application of social, economic and environmental sustainability in the built environment. Achieved through innovative design, stakeholder engagement and future monitoring to sustain itself. The first operational Net Zero Energy city in Dubai modelled to become an international showcase for sustainable living, work, education, and recreation.

The goal of The Sustainable City SEEd program is to promote an understanding of environmental sustainability through education. 

Our goal is to inspire students so they, in turn, become stewards of our environment.
Educators of students from nursery through to university are able to choose from a number of activities and experiences including guided tours and hands-on workshops. Our programs support students by inviting them to view real-life applications of the material they’ve learned in school.


The Sustainable City                    
Dubai, UAE.

Phone: +971 (04) 347 5955 Extention: 319